Tuesday 10 May 2022

Feeding the Dalek


When daughter Kelly got home from work and her visit to the gym on her way home, we had a late evening meal and then around 8pm I dashed down to the allotment to feed the Dalek with a tug load of now very warm grass clippings,  dropped off by my sister yesterday evening. 

Although already damp, warm & cooking, I still watered the grass in a little once it was in the top of the Dalek, and then added the shredded paper from the 10 litre bucket with lid and watered that in as well. 

A swift look around the plot and I discovered that something had crawled behind the steel fence offcut placed over the grapevine to protect it and had dug a hole in the ground in front of it. So either a cat or a young fox, but both are a pain the the arse and not really wanted for their digging and shitting on the plot. They do however help keep the allotment mice and rat population in check. 

It appears that the ladies on plot 13 got locked in the allotment site when someone left not realising they were still on the plot. 

I set up a Wasapp and Facebook group for our allotment members so we can communicate about gardening and the plots as we don't always get down on the plot together and we all have different times we can visit. 

The outer gate to the allotment is a set of wooden gates that lock using a chain and padlock, but the last link needs to be used in order for the gate to be able to be opened enough and the padlock undone from the inside if you are unfortunate to be locked inside.  

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