Saturday, 21 May 2022

Potting Up and SFG Bed 1

The morning started with potting the Celery that came last evening up into vending machine cups

12 Celery to remain at home and the rest went to the allotment greenhouse to live.

A couple of hours spent on the allotment this afternoon as daughter Emma came to look after Jen. John on the plot gave me 3 external Cucumbers and I gave him one of my greenhouse cucumbers. So my focus moved to Square Foot Gardening Bed  1 with weeds.

John's 3 cucumber plants went in along the mesh at the back of the bed.

Using my template to mark where to plant the spring onions.

Watered in after planting

Covered up to stop Basil Brush

Grapevine doing really well and spreading and growing fast

Runner bean cleared of bind weed and many Runner Bean plants already showing.

There is some trouble with the watering system and I think it's the naff splitter that replaced the one I fixed last year. I need to test out a better splitter when Sandra is on the plot. 

10 Amish Walking Onions sown directly into vending machine cups this evening. 

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