Sunday, 29 May 2022

Frog at a bar waiting for a beer ..


A frog at a bar waiting for a beer ... well that what it looks like according to my son-in-law who took the photo, and chased and finally caught and relocated said frog away from the bed we were working on. near a water source.

Emma and Andy came over for a Sunday Roast and then Andy and I went to the allotment whilst Emma kept the wife company.

Cabbages covered with black hoops cut a couple of days ago and new 2m wide mesh donated by Emma & Andy as they never got around to using it in their garden. This will do to protect the plants from cabbage whites until my 3m Mesh arrives and I can put the larger hoop cage over. 

These 600mm radius hoops will be ideal for protecting the beetroots and other vegetables that don't get very tall from the birds and squirrels. 

Heath Robinson cover using two pieces of debris netting on the brassica to protect them against cabbage whites until the 3m wide roll of debris netting arrives. There a a few gaps in the runner beans and I will sow in the gaps next visit. 

Small apples already forming on the apple trees. 

View from the back of Greenhouse 1, looking up towards Greenhouse 1A and Andy cleared the path of weeds on front of the Weed Feed & Comfrey Feed water butts and laid a new woodchip path.

Andy weeded and cleared the end of the path and then placed and tamped the woodchip path in place. Red Grape working its way up and left and right along the wires. Some bind weed in the grapevine bed needs to be dug out on a future visit.

From the looks of things I need to make a couple of 105 hole planting sheets in addition to a couple of 4ft x 4ft winter cover sheets for the Square Foot Gardening beds. 

The remaining three brassica beds need clearing or debris and weeds. 

When I went shopping at Lidl, I had to treat myself to a set of these brushes for washing the Quadgrows, Heavy Duty plastic modules, seed trays and vending machine cups on the plot. I had already bought a set for use at home. 

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