Friday 7 August 2020

Boundary Wall Update


I reported this wall behind my shed and along plot 2 seven years ago, the contractor converting the offices to flats removed the trees that responsible for the walls falling over but also holding them from falling as the branches had grown over the top and down. 

The wall in the left was strapped to the wall in front and behind my shed in 2013, The contractor was down to helifix this on their construction drawings. There is no way on earth it can be saved using that system. Then they were going to demolish and rebuild, but found out the wall actually belongs to the council, so are now doing nothing. 

After repeated badgering the council are going to fence it off because its not safe (no shit Sherlock) and I'm not allowed to use my shed that is on the other side of the wall. Guess what I haven't been using it because it's not safe! 

Now the neighbourhood manager has requested two prices one to rebuild in masonry and the other to put a 6 foot close boarded fence up. 

Can you guess which one is going to be the cheapest and that they will go for even though they have had seven years to budget for the remedial works? 

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