Friday 14 August 2020

Making Acidic Compost

Friday and the temperature is a little lower and the threat of flash floor and thunderstorms is still with us, but as it hadn't rained and because I had another four 10 litre bucket with lids full of apples making 11 buckets in all. I loaded them all into the car and dropped them off to the allotment and stacked them next to the current acidic composting Dalek. 

The squash are really going for it now, that flash flood downpour and the warm weather appears to be doing them really good. 

Alternating layers of apples and shredded paper with a dash of coffee grounds all topped off with shredded paper and a layer of spent compost to keep the amount of fruit flies to a minimum.

Not a long visit but enough to give me empty buckets for more apples, as the two trees in the back garden are really dropping apples at a fast rate now.

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