Wednesday 26 August 2020

Seeds To Sow In September

Following the Blog Post What Can I Grow From August Onwards here are some more ideas curtesy of  Dobies & Suttons, yes they are basically the same company and if you subscribe to the newsletters on both you will get the same email and the same offers but with different company headings have sent out a newsletter about seeds to sow in September. There suggestion are

Broccoli Stromboli Average 22 Seeds £2.99 - Perfect for all dishes from stir fry to Sunday Lunch.

Cauliflower Snowball Average 200 seeds £1.99 - Compact and very early with solid pure white heads of superb quality. maturing time approximately 20 - 26 weeks from sowing.

Leaf Salad Winter Mix Average 900 seeds £2.99 - Can be sown up to October outdoors, for picking leaves over Winter, or sow through the Winter under glass or on a windowsill. 

Radish Mix Average 500 Seeds £1.99 - the email I'm reading says Dobies but that means Suttons as well Specially formulated mixture which will give a good range of shapes and colours maturing at slightly varying times to to give successional cropping. 

Raddish Dragon Average 130 seeds £2.49 - A first class radish producing roots that are a cylindrical shape, bright pink skins and tasty, crisp white flesh.

Spinach Rubino Average 200 seeds £2.99 - An excellent round-leaved, mid-green variety with distinctive bright red stems and leaf veins, ideal for use as baby leaves. 

Turnip Armand Average 960 seeds £2.49 - a late maturing variety that performs magnificently under cold conditions. The attractive purple-and-white roots can be harvested from November to March.

Lettuce Winter Gem Av 200 seeds £2.99 - Enjoy the sweetness of "Gem" type lettuce through the Winter with this hardy version of the popular "Little Gem" variety that can be grown with only frost protection 

Here is a Link to all the Seeds that can be sown in September from Dobies/ Suttons there are more than are listed in the Newsletter which I have listed above so it's worth a look.

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