Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Runner Bean Gallows Bracket

My daughter was on a late shift 2pm - 11pm yesterday, which means that she does not get home until about 11:30 and as a result tends to spend some time in bed in the morning resting and chilling if she has not got anything planed. I checked with her that I would be OK to leave her to keep an eye on the wife until mid morning.  

My body clock woke me up about 5:55 as usual, so a swift shower and breakfast and I was on Spencer Road Allotment by 7:15 with a tin of red shed and fence paint and started painting the ply panels that I had taken down for the side extension to the shed.

Looking at the door to the shed, the timber is already shrinking as it's drying out and getting sun bleached, so I thought whilst I had the paint and brush in my hand and I was waiting for the first side of the panels to dry I would paint the shed.

Then the thought struck me, the timber post for the comfrey pipe need a coat before I install it, and it needs erecting soon and the comfrey is growing like mad, so that received a coat of paint too .

Hang on a minute, I'm going to fix it to the walking onion raised bed, so that too got a coat of paint, by which time I could paint the other side of the extension panels as the first side was dry thanks to the sun. I continue with painting the sides and rear of the shed, then another coat for the comfrey pipe post.

On leaving the plot to come home I sorted out twelve number 1.2m length of roofing batten to make the gallows brackets for plot 1A to replace the broken bamboo cantilever bracket

Broken Bamboo Cantilever Bracket

So here is the template that I have come up with, another four to cut, drill and then paint then they will be ready for taking down to Plot 1A on Sunday Morning to be fixed to the existing hanging basket brackets that are on the wall.

I may need to add some additional steel angles to fix the vertical timber to the wall at the top and bottom, I will have to see how well they cable tie to the hanging basket brackets first. 

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