Monday, 24 April 2017

Shelf Fabrication & Corner Connectors

I'm a bit of a squirrel in nature and I tend to keep anything that may be useful one day stored away. In my wood store are some timber bed slats,  two have been ripped up to form the ties to screw the timber batten shelf together for the extension to the shed, and the another to form corner connectors.

In the photo above the shelf is upside down. It will provide a great place dry out the onions once they are harvested.

In hindsight I should have bought another couple of roofing battens home, I've placed a couple of off cuts in, to see what it would look like with two extra timbers, and it defiantly needs them to be practical for supporting small flower pots in addition to trays and onions.

The rectangular bed slats corner connectors are to be painted and pre drilled so they can be used to fix roofing batten together to make a front timber picture frame that debris netting can be added too which will keep the foxes from sticking their heads and paws in the extension when it's being used as a cold frame/ hardening off or onion drying area.

I will take them to the allotment once they are drilled and painted and I can assemble the picture frame and paint it on site. I have some offcuts of debris netting at the Mill Green plot and will rescue some to be stapled to the frame.

Note to self  ~ pick up two more battens on your next visit to the allotment, pick up a couple of hinges when you visit the £1 shop.

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