Sunday 23 April 2017

Side Extension Continues

A swift Sunday morning visit to add some additional battens to the side panels at the top to fix the tri-wall polycarbonate sheet.

I'm going to make a frame up to fit into the front which will be held in place by a couple of toggle latches so a stop has been fixed to the inside of the side panels.

The two sacrificial feet were cut, sanded and all the timber and cuts was painted apart from the bottom tie, I did manage to paint the cut ends but I need to open another tin of red cedar shed and fence paint.

The bottom member has been positioned such that two double tray gravel trays can be slid under it.

As I was cook of the mess (when I cook it is a mess), and as my wife is still bed / first floor bound at the moment, my time on the plot in the morning was limited to getting the frame ready and painted so that it was dry for a second visit in the afternoon after lunch so that I could go back and fit the roof and the sacrificial feet.

As the shed has finally had a coat of paint I have fixed the plot numbers on the side of the shed.

I've bought the timber home to make the hinged shelving but it will not be needed quite yet as I have moved all of the cardboard that my brother-in-law had allowed me to store in his shed into the store as he is relocating his shed on Wednesday.

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