Thursday, 27 April 2017

Free Stuff

I always keep an eye on Freecycle especially for paving slabs and kerb edgings, this little photo popped up with the following note

"We have 9 concrete blocks used for garden borders available if anyone
wants to pick them up. They just need a bit of a scrub to get the moss
off them, but they're definitely re-useable. We are redoing our garden
and no longer need them."

I sent my request to give them a new home on my allotment and Neil emailed back letting me know that I could have them and that they were stacked in his front garden. They were retrieved this morning and taken to my Spencer Road plot and laid out along the boundary with my neighbour as there is a difference in height between our plots and it will tidy it up and nicely define the boundary between the plots.

My brother-in-law dropped off two giant woven sacks of grass cuttings last night and these were taken to my Mill Green plot as I had room in one of my the compost bins there, I have not emptied three of the five.

My sister also has a number of sacks of grass for me to collect and convert into compost so I decided I need another couple of compost bins, one on each plot.

I saw on Freecycle that someone was making a Dalek homeless and I am a sucker for Daleks especially when its a shape and size I don't already have so I offered to take it in and care for it and I've just been informed that I can rehome it.

I'm just waiting for an email with the address where to collect it from.

The assembled shelf for the extension to the shed has been screwed together and today had another coat of Red Cedar wood preservative and was basking in the sun this morning until the clouds came over and it started to rain so It had to be put under cover.

I also cut the shelf bearing blocks which will be screwed to the side panels. These again are timber from the wood store, which was salvaged from the contractors rubbish pile during the recent wet room conversion. The hinges cost me a 99p and oddly enough came from the local 99p shop. 

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