Monday, 17 April 2017

Beautiful & Me On The Plot

I was up early like 5:55 and the plan was to visit Mill Green Allotment fist thing until around 10 when the wife and my daughter Kelly would likely surface from condensing snot. With the wife still unsteady on her feet and confined to the first floor, I knew if she had problem getting out of bed then my daughter was around to aid and assist.

It was dry, good me thinks, I had some breakfast looked again and it had rained. Bummox that that plan gone, then after a little while the rain stopped, and it started to dry really quick, so I risked it and went to Mill Green Allotment between 7:15 - 10:00

I had run out of flower buckets to empty the spoil from planting spuds, so ended up uncovering bed 13 and emptied all last years coir & compost and the spoil from the augured holes from planting the spuds yesterday then gave it a dressing of BFB & ground coffee grounds and raked it in then covered back over to help keep it warm and weed free. 

Beautiful my little Robin was all around me looking for tasty snacks, but today he was camera shy & I was too busy to take photos, and you lot know what a Robin looks like anyway.

I also managed to clear the weed from half of bed 14 as well this morning, so a couple of hours of work and quite a lot achieved. Me think a couple of hours 2-3 times a week very early in the morning if I can work it around my daughters funny shift patterns it going to be just the ticket. 

I need to collect some timber roofing batten from Spencer Road, being it home to make four gallows brackets to replace the broken cantilever Minty frame when I get a chance, first I need to find the bolts and wing nuts in the shed. 

In the afternoon I filled 30 polypots with compost and sowed my Lark sweetcorn, I know the forecast was for 0 degrees and possibly frost overnight, but the temperature only dropped as low as 9.0 - 9.2 degrees C in the grow station over night, and with the lights on for 30 minutes was already up to 10.2 - 12.2 degrees C and that's before the sun comes around and warms the brick shed and the timber door up.

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