Monday, 3 April 2017

Mill Green & Vintage Wolf Tools

I have to say I have been neglecting Mill Green somewhat recently in favour of Spencer Road, the fact that I have builders in and I have to be home to give them access has meant that I have not been able to squeeze in many extended lunchtime visits to either plot during the week which is really annoying especially when the weather is really good.

The paths desperately need re wood chipping, as they are now turning into quite good viable growing  medium, the problem is even if I could arrange a delivery at the moment there is no where for us to drop it without restricting access even more.

Redrow the contractor who is building next to us, offered to put in a pick up and drop off area that would assist Mencap dropping off plot workers in their care, and somewhere we can have manure and woodchip dropped off. The promises of it happening in 4 - 6 weeks just kept on rolling by last year and now I have been informed by the Site Agent it will not happen until the end of the project October/ November this year, which was not the objective, we were hoping to have the area at the beginning of the project so we can get out of the main construction site access road, and not get in their way or put our cars at risk.

So the paths around beds 7,8,9 & 10 have been weeded, as have the beds. Beds 8,9 & 10 have had a dressing of blood fish and bone and coffee grounds, I'm hoping the coffee grounds will hide the smell of the blood fish and bone which turns on the foxes and drives them wild.

Beds 8 & 9 have their potato planting membrane in place, and I need to tidy up around the tables and the patio area and weed around the Daleks, on the next visit when I intend to plant the potatoes that are happily sitting in the greenhouse but not chitting very fast.

Four containers of coffee came out from the extension to the shed and the lids were taken off during the day so that it could dry out in the sun. I make no apology for the fact that I have sprayed weed killer on the weeds in bed 5 and in the paths between Beds 1 - 4 and 13 - 16 and around the Daleks, As I said the paths need re wood chipping.

It appear that someone has tried to get over the wall from the building site and may have fallen through my cantilevering bean frame either that or the squirrels have put on a lot of weight recently. So another job to add to my list. I may have to buy some more bamboo or perhaps think about making a slightly more robust gallows bracket.

Keith & Pauline where on their plot and as usual supplied coffee during the morning and Keith even made one with his own fair hands! They have taken on the plot next to their original plot and during cutting back blackberries found a heavy duty gardening tool.

I said to Keith that it looked very much like my Wolf Soil Miller and looking at the shaft of the beast it has Wolf stamped on it !

He appears to have found the Ancestor of my Soil Miller which has lost a row of spurs and become much lighter during its evolution & development.  

In the afternoon I took the kneeling stool that I repaired yesterday, together with the hose pipe that I had brought home to drain the heating system back to spencer road and set up the watering system, and watered the spuds and onions. A hose is so much less hassle than the watering cans to use. I need to bury the hose pipe from the water tank & stand pipe in the access path to my plot, so that some numpty does not split it when strimming or trip over the thing when using the path.

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