Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Friday 2017

As my wife is now out of hospital but still very unsteady on her feet, and having to bed rest, it means that I'm a little house bound myself. 

It has been dry for a few days, but looked like the possibility or rain, so I took the opportunity of cutting the grass.

Emma my eldest popped in to see her Mum for a while, so I managed a quick hours visit to Spencer Road Allotment to drop off the sack and a half of grass cuttings.Whilst on the plot, I also managed to water the potatoes and onions and to make some milk bottle soft bricks ready to hold down the potato membrane sheet on bed four.

Once home again, I watered everything in the greenhouse and potted up tomatoes from their vending machine cups into larger pots and transferred them from the brick shed grow station to the bottom of the space saver greenhouse which is filling quite nicely.

It always amazes me that for some reason they look larger once potted up into larger pots from the vending machine cups.

I now have enough self watering pop bottle propagators for this year ready, especially as It looks like the greenhouse on Spencer Road will not be erected in time to be useful for bringing on plants this year.

The Air Onions really need to get in the ground, but I still have to dig the area and construct the bed for them. The North Holland Red Spring Onions in the middle of the picture are doing really well. The everlasting onions right at the back of the photo didn't live up to their name they appear to have snuffed it !

Until my onions start flowing from the allotment I have been buying them, I know, I know it goes against the grain. But I have thought I will try a little experiment to see if the bottoms cut off with long healthy roots will grow again a little like the celery does.

At the moment the sprouts are looking very good the cabbages and cauliflowers are not doing as well and I think a re sowing is in order whilst we still have time.

Wyvale used to have a bin where you could put your old pots, however it appears to have gone missing in their recent revamp of the garden centre exit, which is a shame as I used to get my larger pots there, and I'm all for recycling these kind of things. God forbid I may have to buy some!

Little Gem Lettuces planted out into a flower bucket

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