Saturday, 22 April 2017

Shed Extension & Gallows Brackets

There was an Allotment Committee Meeting this morning on Spencer Road Allotment, so whilst waiting for everyone to arrive I moved the slabs that were up against the shed and finished painting the side, then I started on the erection of the extension to the shed.

The side panels are currently hung off the side of the shed and there is a small gap under the bottom, as I don't want to be in direct contact with the floor, but I will be adding some roofing batten feet that can rot and be replaced as necessary. The battens at the top of the extension will support the tri-wall polycarbonate sheet that I have to form the roof to the it, and it was cut to size in the afternoon at home.

Re shelving I have a couple of options, I have enough batten to make a removable shelf for when it is being used as a hardening off cold frame. or I have a couple of blow away frames that I could stick in there.

The shelf or blow away frames will have to be able to come out as I may also use it for growing tomatoes in there. The other use for this extension is to stack the food buckets of paper, coffee grounds etc. that I use for composting.   

Maggie also reminded me that I had not taken any Rhubarb from her plot, I know she said I could help myself but I really wanted to do it when we were both on the site. So I now have five sections of Rhubarb sitting in square flower buckets awaiting the formation of a permanent bed at the end of the allotment behind the walking and Air Onion beds.    

Later in the afternoon I went to the Mill Green Allotment to drop off the gallows brackets, but could not help but assemble one bracket and temporary cable tie it to the hanging basket brackets to see what they will look like up on the wall.

They will definitely need to be tied back to the wall with some new fixings as whatever it was that fell through the original bamboo structure knackered the fixings when it did.

Me thinks the gallows brackets need to come down about a 300mm - 400mm so that I can reach the end of the top member off the small two step set of steps.  .

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