Thursday 29 June 2017

Tomatoes & Sweetcorn at Home

Despite having a couple of trims the tomatoes are lookin a little shaggy again after a couple of spells of rain

That's better I can water the back row easier and I and the sun can now see the fruit, and the two bottles of comfrey tea feed in the top photo have been applied to the tomatoes. 

On the 23rd June I placed Lark Sweetcorn on wet kitchen towel in a couple of old Chinese meal containers, put the lids on and placed them under the stairs in the dark for three days and most of them have sprouted and were transferred into vending machine cups for the next bed of sweetcorn.

The wife and I are gradually clearing all the cardboard boxes that the wet room came in and other storage boxes that we no longer need. I cut the boxes up into strips with a Stanley knife and then my good lady cuts them into squares so that there is air between them and the critters in the compost heap have more edges to chew on.

Storing them in the buckets with lids keep the rain and the mice out of them until I need a layer of brown between the green in the Daleks.

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