Saturday, 3 June 2017

Beetroot & Sweetcorn Sowing Time

Due to my wifes ill health resulting in a couple of stays in hospital, some bedrest and recovery at home and then having to decorate before the installation of a stair lift (more on that one later!), I have not been as pro active as I should have been on the gardening front.

I was keeping to the sowing schedule, but I'm so far off now there is no real possibility of getting back on track. My eldest daughter has just used the last of the beetroots that I pickled last year so I've had a bit of a blitz and have sown

30 vending machine cups or two trays of Bettollo Beetroots
30 vending machine cups or two trays of Detroit 6 Beetroots
30 vending machine cups or two trays of Cardeal F1 Beetroots

These are now in the Space Saver greenhouse in the back garden.

The sweetcorn germination is really poor so I tried an experiment, two plastic Chinese meal containers with kitchen towel in the bottom wet and sweetcorn laid out on the towel. One container when on the shelf in the greenhouse in sunlight/ daylight and the other in the dark in the cupboard under the stairs.

The winner and best and fastest results of germination came from the container in the dark under the stairs. I have sown the sweetcorn into the pots that didn't produce and into a tray module of 15 vending machine cups.

There is however a little toe rag of a snail of a slug eating the tender shoots in the greenhouse somewhere and when I find him he will be dispatched to snail or sluggy heaven.

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