Sunday 25 June 2017

Sweetcorn Sunday on Plot 1A

As I was on Spencer Road yesterday it's only right that I spend some time on Mill Green on a Sunday morning Bed 11 was cleared and the paths around it de weeded. the bed was sown with a mixture green manure

When I arrived on the plot the leaves of the spuds in first three SoilFixer buckets were looking thirsty, dry and curling up a little the 4th bucket with 20% SF90 wasn't so O can only put that down to better water retention.

The Lark sweetcorn was planted into bed 2 and the fox crash barrier was moved to the bed to try and protect the little darlings. The runner beans were unwrapped and rewrapped around the correct canes and they are now making their way up the bamboo canes.

I bought a solid replacement wheelbarrow wheel off ebay, as B&Q no longer sell replacements as there is a design fault with them or so I was informed by a member of staff.

The wheel is 2" smaller in diameter and narrower than the original, but two bits of Blue water pipe cut and placed either side keeps the bearings in place and the wheel in the middle of the bolted shaft.

So no more worries about punctures.

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