Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Comfrey Pipe Repair

During my last visit to plot 23B I attempted to pull the weight out of the comfrey pipe to re fill it as I had another milk bottle of comfrey concentrate but the rope broke as I got the weight to the top of the pipe.

Lesson learnt, don't use cheap £1 shop nylon rope, it's crap! so having picked up some quality Nylon rope from a hardware shop I popped down to replace the rope having already made an appropriate hole in a cap and fed the rope through it and knotted it.

It was easy to unhook the straps and tip the pipe up and get the weight out of the pipe, unscrew the old cap complete with about six inches of rope and replace it with a nice new bright blue one, complete with a flowerpot saucer as a cap.

The comfrey that has gone nuts was cut back and the pipe soon refilled and the extra chopped comfrey going into Dalek 2

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