Sunday 11 June 2017

Stainless Steel Dibber - Potato/Bulb Planter - Weeder - Soil Sampler

I had two trays of beetroots in vending machine cups to get in bed three this morning.  

Normally I would use a sprung bulb planter, but I have just received a Stainless Steel Dibber,Potato/Bulb Planter,Weeder,Soil Sampler that is manufactured in the UK and sold from a guy called Den Warren on ebay for £8.50

I had not seen and auger like this one before and was interested to see how it performed against a standard bulb planter. The answer is a lot better, it produces a nice tight hole and if you wiggle it around a little it matched the taper on the vending machine cup.

The only thing that lets it down is that there are no graduations or measurements on the side of the tube for you to gauge the depth, but that was quickly solved by placing some rubber bands on the outside of the tube to the height or depth of the vending machine cup.

The Soilfixer SF60 test buckets are doing well and it's hard to see any real difference at the moment. The sprouts in the bed behind are doing well and I will let them get a little taller before I stake them.

The spuds are in flower

The runner beans that have not been nobbled by the slugs and snails are starting their way up the bamboo.

I put a few more in front of those already in and an additional bamboo at a slope The new bulb planter is the ideal diameter for toilet rolls

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