Sunday, 4 June 2017

SoilFixer Potato Experiment & Runner Beans

The runner beans that I sowed a little over a week ago were getting to the point where they would start to wind around each other so they needed to go in today

I didn't have time to lower and fix the fames directly to the wall so I ended up hanging the new gallows brackets off the existing hanging basket brackets.

This means they are higher that they should be and that the cantilevering bamboo now aligns with the strut rather than the top member but it will do for this year.

I may tweak the brackets and fix at a lower level over the winter months, if I think it will be better lower down.

When I dropped off some compost on Friday buckets 1 3 and 5 of the SoilFixer Experiment were displaying the potato haulms, but this morning all the buckets are showing. 

Despite the forecast of showers, I did give them all a drink. I'm looking forward to seeing what the difference is between them in terms of numbers and weights of the harvest.

Note to self, get a luggage scales and some plastic bags ready for harvest time.

I also had some Grip Bond left over from the DIY I have been doing and silicone up the split in the lid to the large compost bin     

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