Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Air Onions & Onion White Rot

The air onions bulbs are starting to appear at the top of the onions.

I weeded the onion beds 5 & 3 on the 11th May and I've been waiting for some mulch from Marshalls to arrive to test, but when it does it will be too late for the onion beds. With the rain and sunny mild weather the weeds have gone mad in the last three weeks as can be seen in the photographs above.

I started to weed and accidently pulled an onion and found that it had white rot!   That's why the left side of bed 5 in the photo has no onions in it, about 30% had white rot!

Those that appear OK are now laying in the extension to the shed, I can't hang them as I would like as the cardboard below the shelf will not allow it. Next dry day I need to get down to the plot and lay some of the cardboard out and harvest the rest of the onions in bed 5 and place them in the drying rack before they all get white rot.

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