Saturday 1 July 2017

Planning and Reviewing July in Previous Years

Reviewing the diary over the last four years for July

2013 - Infrastructure works, harvest of first early and cucumbers and the best cabbages I have ever grown ! Beginners luck   
2014A really good year with plentiful harvests .  

2015 -  Great year for beetroots, Wrens in the bird box .   

2016 - Lots of coffee grounds, drying coffee, Building a replacement door for the outbuilding from decking timber.

Mill Green - Onion White Rot, Runner Beans,     

Spencer Road - Comfrey Bed 2 completed, Four Beds, Butternut squash, Beetroots, spuds and spring onions. Onions, Potatoes, Beetroots and infrastructure works. Burpless Cucumbers go manic  

Home - Tomatoes finally get transplanted into flower buckets.  

July is normally the month for harvesting rather than planting, but below is the to do list in no particular order and catching up with what actually happened in June and what has slipped. Way too much has slipped.

Spencer Road
  • Platform for Comfrey water butt to be taken from Mill Green to Spencer Road  - Done
  • As much infrastructure works as the weather will allow - Ongoing
  • Raise the paving for the greenhouse- Ongoing
  • Erect the greenhouse - Still waiting for the base to be completed
  • Make Air Onion raised bed frame.- Still waiting to be made
  • Make a decision about if to have permanent beds behind the fruit cages - Yes Behind  
  • Rhubarb Bed to be created - currently in flower buckets awaiting a permanent home 
Mill Green

  • Tidy Up the Allotment - Ongoing and looking better
  • Hoop Cages and Netting for Onions from Mill Green to Spencer Road - Not Yet but blue pipe obtained and just found white rot on the onions so they have been harvested, only spring, walking and tree onions still in.
  • Install hoop eyes and training wires for trees - TBD
  • Sow Carrot Bed - TBD
  • Trim the grapevine Back - TBD

  • Second sowing of sweetcorn in Space Saver Greenhouse
  • Purchase vent opener for new greenhouse.- Not Yet 

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