Friday, 14 July 2017

Meeting with Redrow & Council Officers

This morning I had another meeting with Redrow and the council officers regarding the formation of a pick up and drop off area, Redrow are to confirm exactly what they can do for us and then the Local Authority will provide them with a letter of comfort confirming that they are happy for Redrow to undertake the work on their land.

I took four seed trays with me, one of the reasons we need the drop off and pick up area, two of sweetcorn that went into Bed 1 (picture below) a tray of beetroots and of cucumbers.

The remainder of the sweetcorn in vending machine cups are sitting on the table waiting to go into another bed or be used as a backup if the foxes attack again.

Bed 2 has the earlier sowing of sweetcorn and an anti fox barrier around the bed and is progressing well, one corn has been damaged but has been replaced with a spare

Bed 3 Beetroots and French Beans is doing well, I filled in some of the gaps with Beetroots grown in vending machine cups in the Space Saver Greenhouse

I didn't have time to get the cucumbers in, so they are on the table hardening off and will go into a bed Saturday or Sunday morning.


  1. I am so glad you don't have your cucumbers in either. For some reason this year has totally got away from me and I am starting to scratch out crops that just won't have space in time. Sp possibly no winter veg this year. :(

    1. Yep it's been one of those years, I have not taken full advantage of both plots but as we gardeners say, there is always next year ! ;)