Sunday, 23 July 2017

SoilFixer SF60 Experiment Update

From left to right

1) My Own Compost & Coir 50:50 
2) My Own Compost & Coir with SF60 & 5% by volume
3) My Own Compost & Coir with SF60 & 10% by volume
4) My Own Compost & Coir with SF60 & 20% by volume
5) My Own Compost & Coir with Potato Fertiliser
6) My Own Compost & Coir with SF60 & 5% by volume with Potato Fertilizer

Nine weeks in of the 13 week growing period and since the last visit to the plot the growth of pot 4 which has the SoilFixer SF60 Super Soil Improver biochar/colloidal humus matrix added at a 20% by volume is looking more lush, taller and healthier than buckets 1 - 3. 

The first three buckets have always looked thirstier than the rest as noted on the visit on the 21st June. Buckets 5 & 6 also have greater growth of the leafy foliage that grows above ground known as haulm but are not quite as tall.

Potato plants turn yellow at the end of their growing season, and this is normal. But if the potato plant yellows before the tubers are ready for harvest, the plants may be infected by wilt fungi or infested with psyllids, and allotment holders are always worried about early blight and in all fairness because I had my wife in hospital with pneumonia and then she went back after turning into Hell Boy because of an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they sent her home with the experiment started much later then ideally I had wished..

So do buckets 1 - 3 think they are getting near to the end of their growing season? I don't know but for the sake of the experiment I will keep an eye on all the buckets and if I see signs of blight I will remove the halum on all buckets and give the spuds a couple of weeks before the reveal weighing and recording and blogging of the results.

It's going to be interesting to see what the difference is between the six buckets in terms of quantity, size and overall weight.

I know I said SF90 in the video but the product name is SF60

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