Friday 11 May 2018

Loo Roll Towers

The job last night was to turn round loo rolls square and snip off the corners so that they fitted nicely into the modules. I cut the trays in half so that they can be handled easier, they also stack pretty good as well. One of these will be parsnips and the other two will be the second wave of beetroots in an attempt to get them beyond tender slug attractive status as there are still too many slugs on my plot.    

The Mr Fothergill's Student Parsnips are now laying in a take-a-way tray lined with damp kitchen roll to promote growth. The lid was placed on and the container placed under the stairs in the dark.

In best Blue Peter tradition here are two containers I did three days ago with sweetcorn 

Just three days ago they looked like this 

So the best developed corns have now been sown into the flexi pots that I use each year, these are made of recycled plastic and I really wish I could find them on sale again because they are so useful for sweetcorn. 

The remaining sweetcorn that is only just chitting or have not germinated quite yet have been put together in one container the lid sealed and put back under the stairs for an additional days growth, and they will be put into a tray of flexi plots tomorrow. 

The second wave of beetroots have been sown but as the last lot were a little hit and miss I opened a new pack of Mr Fothergill's Beetroots Perfect 3 that have a sow by date of 2018 

The Optigrow Leek experiment is proceeding but they appear to be developing at the same speed as each other and if anything the standard seed on the right are more uniform and straighter that the treated seeds.

Still no further signs of life from the six seeds sown of each variety, I think I'm going to have to sow some more to get what I need for the allotment, the Burpless is new seed and that's quite disappointing germination rate.  The Marketmore I can forgive as the seed is a little old now. And still no signs of life from the marrow seeds at all !!!.

Finally I potted on one of each variety of the larger tomatoes that I have room for on the floor of the Space Saver Greenhouse, I really could do with getting rid of the cold frame and getting another Space Saver Greenhouse, I so wish that I could fit a huge greenhouse in the back garden.  

So it looks like the cold  frame that ends up being used for storage of pots and trays over winter needs to be cleared tomorrow to make way for more growing tomatoes to be potted on and protected until after the last frost date which for me is the end of this month.

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