Thursday 31 May 2018

Watching Growth

With constant rain and thunder and lightning storms, mixed in with work, life the universe and everything, there has been little time and indeed point in trying to get down to the allotment. 

I don't have anything under cover down there to water so my attention this morning was to water what's in the space saver greenhouse and the coldframe.

The Micro Tom has many more flowers open and many more forming since last week when I posted about the first flower and I'm looking forward to what appears may be an early harvest from this little plant. It's done quite a bit of growing in a week and I really must start feeding it now it's got flowers. 

The growth on the Radish over a 24 hour period is very noticeable and hopefully it will not be very long before I start seeing the roots developing and bulking up. 

Radishes are fast growing and are normally ready to harvest in about four weeks from sowing. So my intention is to grow a tray every two weeks in fertile moisture-retentive soils throughout the summer for crunchy salads.

There is a winter variety called Mooli and I think I may look into what other winter varieties are available and extend the cropping season for as long as possible. Next year I will be sowing from the end of Jan / early Feb. 

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