Saturday 12 May 2018

Feed Me Now

Just like the plant in the Little Shop of Horrors my Dalek needs feeding 

Two very large sacks of grass were picked up from my Sister-In-Laws front garden this morning and taken to the allotment and were decanted in alternate layers with shredded paper that has been living in the food bins with lids waiting for the arrival of grass cuttings.

Finally a layer of comfrey has been added to the top layer of grass of the alternating sandwich construction of greens and browns and watered in.

I've been trimming the top of the hedge between us and my neighbours and clearing the debris that builds up at the base of the hedge on my side of the fence, and working my way up to the cold frame that is need of a little renovation.

There is a sacrificial timber picture frame that the cold frame sits on so that it will decay before the cold frame walls do. Guess what, it had decayed and fell apart so I cut four new timbers from my wood pile and painted the timbers before going to the allotment and assembled the picture frame using L brackets when I came back from the allotment. 

The plan was to lay the gravel trays in the bottom and transplant a number of tomato plants up from vending machine cups into larger pots and put them in the cold frame, however the rain forecast for about 10 tonight decided to arrive as I was just finishing my lunch and there was a mad dash to get stuff under cover, so rather that sort out everything that came out of the cold frame a lot of stuff has gone back inside until the rain stops.

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