Saturday 26 May 2018

The Humble Radish

Another four flower buckets recovered from my Spencer Road Allotment have been surgically altered to turn them into shallow trays and one of them has been filled with Multi Purpose Compost and sown with the aid of the new sowing jig with Radish.

I do like a radish and normally would have already had them on the go, but this is turning out to be another year where I'm not getting the opportunity to get down to the allotment quite as frequently as I would like, in part due to an increase in hospital visits with my good lady wife and a need not to be away from home for too long. 

So my cunning plan is to see how well they will grow in shallow flower buckets and in that way I may be able to grow them for a longer period and in batches at home where I can keep and eye on them, so the I have a constant supply. It does annoy me when I buy a bag of radish when I have a number of packs of Radish seed sitting in the seed box.

So using the new jig made earlier in the week I have sown 63 number Unwin Bright and Spicy Mix in a 7 x 9 grid in the 300mm x 280mm cut down flower bucket. The back of the pack suggests small sowings made every three weeks during the summer should ensure a continuous supply. 

Next year I'm going to start some off in the grow stations in late January early February.  I looked on the back of the packs I have and they state that seedlings usually appear in 7 - 10 days, we will see. 

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