Thursday 17 May 2018

Onion Jig Mk II

Tonight I made up a second sowing Onion Jig. The original on the left gives me a grid of 10 x11 number 10mm spaced holes giving me 110 sowing stations per flower bucket tray and if I use every other hole then its a 20mm x 20mm grid based on a 5 x 6 giving me 30 planting locations which is what I used for the Leeks experiment.

What was really needed was a grid somewhere in between, so using the casting pattern on the inside of the bucket as a guide I've ended up with a 7 x 9 grid giving 63 locations which are a little more open and will hopefully promote larger onions forming. 

As with all things gardening it's all about trial and error and finding out what works for you. Due to the white rot on the allotment until I can treat the beds with garlic water I need a way to grow as many as possible of the vast amount of spring onions we eat annually.

Overwintered SoilFixer SF60 Spring Onion Experiment 

The next 110 White Lisbon Spring Onions are on their way 

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