Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Watering Visit

So a very early visit between 7:00 - 8:50 am to water the carrots, Onions, Walking Onions, Cabbages, Potatoes, and Trees, following what was the hottest Early May Bank Holiday for forty years! I was not on my own to other plot holders had a similar idea and I ended up sharing a water tap so watering on reduced pressure which takes longer. 

The photo from the corner of the plot was taken as I was leaving the and the sun was only just reaching the boundary between plot 1 and plot 1A. I also managed to fill some milk bottles with dried sand and to lay out some damp sand in the greenhouse for drying as I have a mass of empty bottles that need turning in to soft bricks, and hopefully when the next beds start going in I will have a need for them. 

I added the additional the 1.2 x 2.4m sheet of weed membrane in the corner on my last visit but didn't take a photo of it in place. The rest of the grass is going to be subject to a little weed killer experiment, more on that in the future.

The Rhubarb is looking particularly moth eaten with all the holes in the leafs and I need to dig the area around it and mulch with some woodchip over cardboard.

I bought the planting membrane home with me so that I can write on each sheet what it's for otherwise I have to open each one to see what the pattern is and if its the correct sheet. Another sack load of rubbish came away with me, I'm going to get the allotment tidy by clearing little and often.   

Coming home and looking in the Space Saver I finally have three out of the 12 Cucumbers showing, two Burpless and one Marketmore which have taken time germinating because of the cold snap last week, but now we have had some extreme warm weather they are moving fast this is about three days growth.

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