Monday 14 May 2018

Clearing & Potting Up

The rain stopped over night and although wet it was not raining, so I went to Spencer Road which felt really strange as I have not been there in some time. A but of a tidy up and I collected the onion and beetroot planting membrane and a blank sheet off the beds, plus the watering system as I'm going to have to either extend the existing system I have or bring a new system in from the other end of the plot, which actually could be a better idea as we have a water hog and a splitter at the top end of the plot.

Actually if I plan it right I may be able to connect both systems together and increase the pressure a bit, to make watering faster, especially when the hog has the water running for hours on end. There is supposed to be a 30 minute rule and you are not supposed to water with a hose unattended, there again rules don't apply to this guy.   

I cleared one of the pop bottle cloche frames and the 1.2m x 1.2m bed that the Rhubarb is going to go into and had a general tidy up. In addition I made a whole bunch of sand and milk bottle soft bricks, and re loaded the trays with damp sand to dry off in the greenhouse. 

I came away with three sacks of rubbish and it's nice to finally see the back of one of the pop bottle frames, great idea when I built it but pain in the arse to dispose off when you are done with it. 

In the afternoon I cleared the cold frame and potted on another 18 tomatoes with the 8 in the space saver greenhouse that enough for the 22 square flower buckets along the pathway plus a couple to be grown on the allotment out in the open. 

I can't recall where I bought the 12.7cm Richard Sankey terracotta plastic plant pots from, but I need some more, I did some surfing on the internet and it always amazes me how vast the price range can be for exactly the same item. Needless to say I found the best deal I could and have 30 more pots coming via ebay at a very reasonable cost with free delivery.

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