Sunday 27 May 2018

Runner Beans & Beetroots

The weather forecast after the flash thunder storms last night was for showers with a 50% chance of rain by 10:00. Mill Green road was under water and the kerb could not be seen on one side of the road but I estimated that it shouldn't be higher than the bottom of the floor so drove through it.

The plan was to get the runner beans in place and I set about clearing the last of last years beans off the cantilever frames attached to the wall and then used my super bulb planter to make the holes for the toilet roll training pots used for grow the beans in. 

I was about half way through clearing when a rain shower hit and I put everything away and sheltered under the trees by the gate. The shower went and I managed to get on and get the runner bean in place.

The Beetroot bed was uncovered and the volunteer potatoes were removed. 

I laid the 105 location Planting membrane and used the bulb planter to form the holes for the beetroots grown in cardboard toilet rolls, and planted three and a half rows. 

Then for the moment I covered up the rest of the planting locations, not knowing if I would be able to get back down to the allotment tomorrow or not. 

The anticipated and predicted rain didn't happen so I proceeded to decant all of the dried sand into the empty milk bottles to make more soft bricks. A trip around the plot found a few more soft bricks that were becoming brittle and the sand was decanted into the now empty trays and the rest of the trays were filled with more sand from the sacks bought a couple of weeks ago. 

Before leaving I took some update photographs 

Potatoes in Beds 11 & 12 are growing nicely and appear adequately watered. Bed 13 in the top left corner was worked on to remove the debris from the plot next door so that I can plant the tomatoes in there on my next visit. Slowly all the beds are being planted up or sown, and I love it when everything is in and all the bed are occupied.

I'm glad to repot minimal slug damage to the cabbages at the moment 

Onions in Bed 10 are doing well and it's interesting how the newly sown ones are catching up with those started off earlier in the Space Saver Greenhouse, I was hoping for a month between harvest of the two, but I don't think that is going to happen somehow. 

Cucumbers and Courgettes appear to be happy in their new homes.

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