Thursday 24 May 2018

Tomato Transplanting

The Toms at the back of the cold frame were getting to the point where they were taller than glass windows and I didn't really have a option other than to start moving the taller ones out. It's one of those things where you started so you may as well finish so 19 out of 22 flower buckets now have their tenant for this year.

In previous years I have taken the spent mixture of coir and compost to the allotment and used it as a soil conditioner. This year I have reduced the flower buckets contents by 50% and mixed in some blood fish and bone to liven up the old compost & coir and then have potted in with 100% B&Q Verve Multipurpose Compost which I have to say looks to be the best looking and well compost that I have ever had from B&Q. My thinking is as I water the nutrients from the pure compost will filter into the coir/ compost mix below .

I have a supply of Comfrey in milk bottle that will be coming home and will be used as a feed in the next couple of weeks and I also have some other tomato feeds to use up so they are not going hungry. 

The three front right flower buckets without canes are currently holding pots that include two Crimson Crush and a Rapunzel that I want to grow on the allotment and a 100s & 1000s that my daughter will be taking to her place to grow on as she loves the little toms they produce.

I obtained the original Crimson Crush plants in 2015 and despite being an F1 decided to save seeds and grew them in 2016 and got two very different looking plants one with a potato leaf and the other with the more traditional tomato looking leaf. 

The Tomato looking leaf tomato produced a greater yield and looked more like the original plant and I saved seed and grew again last year. So this years plants are third generation from the original plant.

So far I have not really had great blight problems and I hope that continues but it just happens that the Crimson Crush are a nice large size tomato to grow and ideal for burgers, and my success with beef steak toms is not good in fact this year the seeds decided not to germinate so I don't have any.    

This year I have gown a lot of small pot tomatoes for the greenhouses and what has really amazed me is the Micro Tomato which is already in flower but currently does not look large enough to actually carry any fruit so it will be interesting to see how this plant develops over the coming weeks.   

I will report progress on this and the others small tomatoes that I have grown as they develop.  Bajaja , Balconi Red, Minibel, Red Robin, Rosella, Sub Artic Plenty, Super Roma, Tiny Tim

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