Tuesday, 27 September 2022

In My Seed Box For 2023 - Celery


Celery was the one vegetable that I have tried to grow in the past but have never had a great deal of success with until I got some Tango Celery Postiplugs from Suttons in 2022. There were 18 Postiplugs when I used them in 2022 but they all went in at the same time, I just harvested from the tallest to the shortest. 

In 2023 I will be attempting to grow them again but this time from seed, but I will not try them in pots in the greenhouse as I have in the past but in the square foot gardening beds again on plot 1 as they have really been such a success in 2022.

New to Suttons for 2023 is the Tango F1 Hybrid Seeds at the time of posting this they are £3.49 for 40 seeds.  

The web site says sow in March and April, but I think these need to be sown in mid- February and brought on before planting out after the danger of frost has passed.  I'm planning on sowing 7 seeds in Mid-Feb, 7 seeds in Mid-March and another 6 in Mid-April so I can do some successive sowing and harvesting during 2023. The first 7 plants will go out under a cloche.

The harvest period is between August to the end of October or the first frost.   

The average life expectancy for Celery Seed is 8 to 12 years, and 40 seeds should hopefully last me for 2023 and 2024, as I aim to use 20 seeds a year.  This makes the cost of growing your own celery 8.7p per plant. 

Current price of Celery, Sainsbury 43p, Waitrose Green Celery Essential 79p Sainsbury Organic £1 and Tesco organic £1 and that's why we allotment holders and gardeners have a bash at growing a vast range of vegetables each year. 

It's a challenge, they taste better than shop bought, and they save us money, at least during the harvest period.  

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