Thursday 15 September 2022

In My Seed Box for 2023 - Aubergine


The original plan for 2022 was to get the area for the Superdome dug over and weed free, that did not happen I did manage to get the two Square Foot Gardening beds half installed during late 2021. 

Superdome Dimensions, the plan now is to get the area for the Superdome area dug and ready over the Winter months for the 2023 growing season.     

I did manage to find a useful UK based YouTube video about growing Aubergine's in the UK, see below. 

Grown in 2022 Aubergine Jewel Marble F1 - 10 Seeds - Was £2.49 Reduced to £1 - Mr Fothergilll's.

An exciting variety producing high yields of versatile small fruits, which are highly attractive, with striped skins. Fruits are great tasting, having a firm flesh.

Plants are compact and bushy – making them ideal for pots and containers. Can be grown in a sunny sheltered location outdoors.

Sow January - April  Harvest August - October

As the time of posting, I have some aubergines that look like the photograph and I have not harvested them yet.

Black Beauty from Seed Parade average 200 seeds for 99p plus P&P 

In addition to Black Beauty, I got a free pack of Kings Seeds Aubergine Long Purple with a copy of Kitchen Garden.

Aubergine White Knight F1 - Mr Fothergill's - 10 Seeds - Sow by Dec 2026

Aubergine Three Knight Collection Dobies - 9 Seeds - £4.49 Sow by 2025

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