Sunday, 4 September 2022

Sunday Morning Visit

My son-in-law Andy and myself spent the morning on the plot, he had a mission of clearing as much of the mares tail from plot 1 and I had a mission of harvesting as many spuds as possible from the potatoes in buckets.

The Photo above is a view from the corner of plot 1 and yes I need to take the trimmer down and sort out the path between plots 1 & 2

Looking back at the corner of plot 1 into the area where the greenhouse climbing frame is to be erected over the winter months. The plan is to get the edge of plot 1 sorted over the winter months.

Nice to see the mares tail gone from the path. Yes the bloody squirrel was on the plot when we got there and yes one of the new corns has been stripped but not eaten as they are not quite rip to harvest, but that rat with the furry tail will know the minute they are as he will strip and eat the bleeding lot!

Three of the glass panels that were on the bed next to the sweetcorn were moved and placed over the potatoes in buckets as I may as well keep the soil dry for easier harvest. the bed is to be weeded on the next visit.

Melody Main Crop Potatoes first two bucket loads looking more lie first early in size despite the potato fertiliser that was added to the mix 

Fourth bucket load of Melody Main Crop Potatoes

Melody Main Crop Potatoes after six buckets emptied, again potatoes so small

I also harvested some runner beans. This is the
third harvest, which was processed and frozen in meal portions. There are loads more flowers and beans to come if the weather holds..

Mustard Caliente Green Manure 7 days after sowing.

Mustard Caliente Green Manure 7 days after sowing.

We had a couple of coffee breaks to rest our backs and get together to have a chat and he introduced me to a group called the Refreshments that he was playing on his phone as he was weeding and I have to say I'm now hooked and have been listening to them this afternoon.

Thanks for the help and the company Andy you're my fav son-in-law mainly because your my only one!

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