Wednesday, 28 September 2022

New to Thompson & Morgan for 2023


The Thompson & Morgan Seed Catalogue arrived over the weekend and I'm glad to say that there are a couple of pages 22 & 23 that show 10 new varieties are being added for 2023

These include:

KC9411 NEW Runner Beans - Black Knight
KC9417 NEW Aubergine - Genie F1
KC9415 NEW Pea - Telephone 
KC9399 NEW Cabbage - Pretino (Red Cabbage)
KC9374 NEW Courgette - Boldenice 
KC9363 NEW Chilli pepper - Buena Mulata 
KC9386 NEW Tomato - Bite Size 
KC9375 NEW Tomato - Buffalosun
KC9424 NEW Turnip - Silky Sweet F1
KC9365 NEW Sweetcorn - Pot of Gold

This however is not a complete listing, when you go over the pages of the catalogue you will find other new varieties but it's not clear if there were NEW in 2022 i.e.

Page 18 KC9378 NEW Herb - Rocket Scorpion 
Page 18 KC9377 NEW Mustard - Autumn Sowing Leaves
Page 25 KC9413 NEW French Bean - Dwarf French Dior
Page 26 KC9414 NEW Runner Bean - Scarlet Emperor
Page 28 KC9389 NEW Tomato - Crimson Blush F1
Page 29 KC9369 NEW Tomato - Consuelo F1 (Crimson Cherry)
Page 29 KC9370 NEW Tomato - Crimson Crush F1
Page 30 KC9368 NEW Tomato - Nagina F1
Page 31 KC9407 NEW Tomato - Rapunzel F1
Page 33 KB9814 NEW Tomato - Veranda Red F1
Page 34 KC9362 NEW Aubergine - Three Knight F1 Mixed
Page 34 KC9403 NEW Beetroot - Jolie F1
Page 34 KC9394 NEW Brussels Sprouts - Cryptus F1
Page 34 KC9356 NEW Cabbage - Collard Hi-Crop F1
Page 35 KC9382 NEW Cabbage - Marques F1
Page 35 KC9383 NEW Carrot - Collard Hi-Crop F1
Page 36 KC9421 NEW Cauliflower - Amo 125 (Amoresco) F1
Page 36 KC9364 NEW Courgette - Butterstick F1
Page 37 KC9395 NEW Cucumber - Emilie F1
Page 38 KC9379 NEW Herb - Sorrel Volare
Page 38 KC9422 NEW Kale - Cottagers
Page 39 KC9381 NEW Lettuce - Butterhead Brighton
Page 39 KC9396 NEW Lettuce - Cos Clobus
Page 39 KC9416 NEW Pea - (Mangetout) Snow Max
Page 40 KC9412 NEW Pea - Shoots Style
Page 41 KC9420 NEW Herb - Perilla Britton
Page 42 KC9404 NEW Spinach - Santa Cruz F1
Page 42 KC9387 NEW Squash - Jumbo Pink Banana
Page 43 KC9366 NEW Sweetcorn - Eden F1
Page 43 KC9371 NEW Watermelon - Little Darling F1

I have reached out to T&M's Public Relations to find out, if the above were new for the 2022 season or are also NEW above the 10 listed on pages 22 & 23 for 2023? 

I do like to trial a number of new varieties each year, along with some more traditional heritage varieties that I know will provide me with good food for my family, friends and Neighbours.  

Currently I'm gathering information from Thompson & Morgan, Suttons, Dobies, D.T.Brown and Mr Fothergills & Marshalls to research what I will be selecting to trial in 2023. 

As always there are a few new items that one company has that another had last year or in previous years like the Crimson Crush F1 tomato which for me has been a standard since I was sent a trial plant in 2015 the year before the seeds became commercially available for all.   

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