Monday, 5 July 2021

Expensive Spray Guns


I went to TESCO this morning to do a top up shop and went to the seasonal aisle looking for any gardening bargains. Firstly I noted that this year the quantity of gardening related products has been reduced by at least 50%, which bearing in mind the uptake in gardening during the pandemic seems somewhat stupid by the stores buyers. 

What was left on the hooks were items that were clearly over priced or there hadn't been the demand for. 

Gardena produce quality equipment this New Classic Watering Sprayer which is now frost proof and has a five year guarantee is £10 

On my allotment with my watering system I have a lot of hoses and nine different Nozzles / Sprayers/ Spray Guns etc. and above are two examples of what can be purchased for £2 from B&M and £1 from Poundland. 

B&M Settings are       Shower, Jet, Flat, Cone, Soaker, Mist
£1 Shop Settings are Shower, Jet, Flat, Cone, Soaker, Mist & Centre 

Watering Hose Layout 2021 

Yes I loose a few each year to frost if I put them on too early or don't take them off in time during Autumn, but when I can pick them up for a pound or two why would I or any allotment holder for that invest in a GARDENA at £10 for the allotment?

GARDENA I think you need to look at your profit margins and perhaps looking at reducing your price to say £3 to £4 to actually move this item off the supermarket shelf.

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