Sunday 25 July 2021

ASDA End of Season Sale


My daughters were away this weekend as they had a wedding to attend so they decided to make an extended weekend of it. This did mean that I was not able to visit the allotment as I have to keep an eye on SWMBO. 

However I have them well trained as when they saw the gardening equipment being sold off in an end of season sale, they sent me photos of the shelves and asked me what I wanted and picked it up for me

I got them so get me 10 twist nozzle sprayers for my watering system that now covers both plot 1A and Plot 1 and can actually be connected from either end of the plot.

I do have plans to extend the system and to put a tap in behind the plot 1 greenhouse at the potting and cleaning table.  


Two way splitters were a £1 each, Tomorite was £3.36 for the litre bottle, Growmore fertiliser £1.31 and Advanced Concentrated Weedkiller £1.98 

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