Thursday 29 July 2021

Watering Visit!


An early morning visit from 8 - 10am primarily to charge the 2 litre bottles on the potting table with nutrients and fill up the Smart Reservoirs in the Quadgrows again as the last top up on Monday didn't fill the reservoirs and my daughters are away again from Friday to Sunday night so my chances of getting and doing anything significant on the plot of the weekend regardless of the weather is minimal. 

The photo top left is after I had filled all four Smart Reservoirs and topped up not only the 2 litre bottles I already had on site but those additional ones I needed to ensure I can actually top up all 4 at 15 litres each that's 60 litres capacity.

Currently I have 42 litres in bottles already made up for the next top up and I will recharge and add nutrients each time ready for the next top up. I'm really happy with the growth and the way the Quadgrows perform in the greenhouse and I'm contemplating additional Quadgrows for the other greenhouse next year. 

With the amount of rain we have had this week and the flooding there was no need to water anything out on the allotment today, which is just as well as dealing with the Quadgrow took enough time. I may have to look at setting up a 60 litre water butt so that I can do away with all the pop bottles. 

The varieties out on the allotment are only a third of the height of those in the greenhouse and in the Quadgrows, they are developing fruit. 

Suddenly within a week the tassels and the corns are on the sweetcorn which has really loved this hot, humid and wet weather, as have the weeds that are once again invading the paths on plot 1A. I really need to weed and replace the wood chips on plot 1A.

 The onions need to be harvested and put on the rack to dry out ASAP

The first three bed of raspberries are all doing well and moving up to the top wire, and I spot them going red but they are either not quite ready or are gone each time I visit the plot. Me thinks getting the wild life camera set up is going to let me know if it's animal or human taking them.

The Rhubarb is looking good but I really need to get that third bed dug and weeded and the squatter in bed one moved into it's own bed. I also need to spend some time removing the mares tail that is having a field day coming through the wood chipped paths again! 

Cucumbers & Gherkins making their way up the mesh. There was one giant courgette and the other had been eaten by something, perhaps a hungry fox.  

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