Monday 19 July 2021

Early Morning Watering

I usually visit the allotment on a Sunday morning, however with all the car breakdown shenanigans yesterday and the anticipated 32 degrees C forecast for Sunday, being on the allotment digging Rhubarb bed 3 was not really something I wanted to put myself through. 

It was however with the sun and temperatures we had Saturday and Sunday a no brainer that I would have to do an 7:45 - 10am visit to the allotment to water the half that is in the shade this morning. Temperatures today are anticipated to be 29 - 30C with thunder storms but little in the way of rain later tonight.

Pauline didn't want to take a half parasol with her to her new allotment but it's ideal for the table behind the Plot 1 greenhouse as I have the table up against the wall. Getting that set in place this morning made darting in and out of the greenhouse and working at the table bearable.

The Smart Reservoirs of the Greenhouse Sensation Quadgrows in the greenhouse that were topped up last Wednesday were approximately half empty this morning and I used all the 10 bottles I had ready and then had to make up another eight bottles to fill the Quadgrows up. Based on 2 litre bottles that's 36 Litres and I have 4 Quadgrows at 15 Litre each capacity so 60 Litres.

I topped up the 10 bottles and added the Type A & Type B Nutrigrow Plant Food Nutrients to the bottles so they are ready for the next top up which if the temperature remains high like this may be this weekend or mid next week.

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