Sunday 4 April 2021

Potatoes In Buckets

Sunday morning on the allotment, mixing compost and coir with a little potato fertiliser for four buckets of three different varieties of first early spuds with four number in square flower buckets topped off with the bottom of baking trays to stop the fox from digging them out and undoing all my hard work. A thank you to Daughters Emma and Kelly and son-in-law Andy for assisting me getting a load more paving blocks down to the allotment late afternoon.

1 row of Permier - Mr Fothergill's
1 row of Home Guard - Dobies
1 row of Acoustic - Mr Fothergill's
All New Varieties of First Early spuds.

Bottom of baking trays put on top to prevent the foxes from digging around in the buckets

Coir Block in trug before breaking it down with the paving weeder and adding the Wickes New Multi-Purpose Compost and the potato fertiliser 

Wickes New Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost looked good but then I read it has coir in there anyway! no information about what percentage is added but it would be interesting to know.

According to the back of the sack on a scale of 1 (Low) to 9 (High) for Nutrients this compost is a 6-7 and contains the right level of balanced food with which to nourish plants for up to 4 or 5 weeks after planting, good thing I laced it with slow release potato fertiliser.

600mm long Power Planter 75mm auger made fast work of mixing the potato slow release fertiliser that was sprinkled on top and the coir and Wickes compost. Mixing loose coir and compost is the one job I will do with a drill without a steadying handle, plus I forgot to take the Ryobi drill with me.

After mixing 

A Meerkat has appeared on the plot on a hillock of woodchips near the entrance!

The Malling Juno Raspberries (Spring) from D.T.Brown are taking off there are still a couple that look like dead twigs but I'm hoping all 6 in each variety all take.

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