Saturday 10 April 2021

Water System Extended

Early morning visit from 7:30 - 10:00, emptying six buckets of spent compost on the beds and topping up the two Daleks with grass from the back garden. 

Then I set about finding the hose pipe fitting and lengths of hose and started to piece together the watering system from the corner of plot 1 opposite the tap and dip tank up plot 1 with an outlet every other bed and then along to plot 1A joining onto the existing watering system on plot 1A. 

I had already removed the hose going to the water tank at the plot 1A end of the allotment, as using it had caused so much trouble with the site arse hole. Yep every site has one and at the end of the day it was just easier to source my water from the other end of the plot now I have plots 1 & 1A. I don't have to interact with the numb scull at all.

The hoses are all out in the open at the moment, but the pipes will be lost in the wood chip paths eventually. 

It looks like I may need a few more ends to get the coverage I want around the whole plot, but at least I now have water for the full length of plot 1 and 1A and I'm ready for the growing season.  

Although we are supposed to have a couple of rain showers today I watered the Raspberries, the potatoes in buckets and the onion sets this morning because I can without using the watering cans.

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