Sunday 11 April 2021

Free - Water Butt & Paving Blocks


Up early and out at 7:30 to pick up my latest Freecycle win a "Water Butt" for the plot 1 greenhouse.

Then to the allotment to clear the shed on plot 1 looking for the galvanised nails to re re roof the shed on plot 1A but I must have put them in a safe place, so safe that I can't find the buggers but I did clear a sack load of rubbish in the cleaning process and the cooker is now exposed again in all it's glory and coffee making facilities and kettle boiling services are resumed.

I fixed the automatic vent opener to the greenhouse on Plot 1.

I have installed the water butt to the right of the Plot 1 Greenhouse.

I had just started to clear and weed the area behind the plot 1 Greenhouse. Once the weeds have been removed additional wood chip and two of the rubber matting squares will be installed and the table will be assembled and located in its final position.

Weeds have been removed from the walking onion beds.

Bed cleared and covered with potato planting membrane ready for main crop spuds to be planted next weekend. Now we have more blocks there are additional blocks holding the planting membrane down against the wind.

Planting membrane removed bed raked level and recovered with a pre season black sheet and some blue water pipe hoops. More bricks have been added to this bed later this evening to help better hold the weed membrane in place.

Later this afternoon Kelly and I went to pick up 150 half paving blocks from Ewell to use as weights for holding down nets and planting membrane. Emma turned up at the plot to assist in unloading which we did just before the skies went black and it started to snow!

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