Thursday 8 April 2021

Free Stuff - Rubber Garden Matting

Todays Freecycle find was 11 square metres of outdoor play area rubber garden matting. I was not expecting 9 mats 1m x 1m and two mats that had been cut into path width strips! I emptied the boot to the car and luckily enough they just fitted and I managed to stack them in the boot flat. I unloaded them and took to the plot.

Two number 1m x 1m mats placed in front of the Plot 1A Greenhouse on the paving to flatten out in the sun, if and when we get some.

I have temporally laid the cut sections down as paths between the Raspberries but I'm thinking of pulling the yellow tarp back laying the weed membrane path strips I have made and putting the mats on as a temporary path that will not attract bees and wasps looking for a drink.

Stack of 7 number 1m x 1m outdoor play area rubber garden mats in front of the shed. I could use 4 to make a patio area in front of the shed, or I may use them as paths behind the two sheds. I'm not quite sure yet and have not made my mind up.

Old netting hoops on the left which have a more straight leg as the have taken the form because they have been warmed by the sun and the same length newly cut hoops on the right that need persuading into the desired shape as those on the left.

Longer Diagonal Hoops that will be used in the 1.2m x 1.2m square foot gardening beds with debris netting to keep Mr Fox off the beds. Again installed on a bed just to get their desired profile.

New 25mm diameter sprout cage hoop cut to length and cable tied to one of the originals to help it adopt the desired profile. It will need drilling and additional struts added at a later visit.

It's not modern art just getting the hoops into the profiles we want and help straighten the legs up so they are easier to install into the beds later when they are needed. It also makes it easy for me to see how many sets I have and how many others need completing.

Modern Art from a different perspective 20mm diameter set and a slightly higher 25mm diameter set in the same bed ready for the sun and its heat to do its magic on the legs.

So tempting to use four or six of those mats as a patio area in front of the shed.

What do you think shall I ?

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