Tuesday 20 April 2021

Morning Tidying Visit

On the allotment this morning between 8:00 - 10:00 sorting out the timber behind the shed on plot 1 into the same lengths and then cable tie the ends in bundles of six to go up to the timber storage rack on plot 1A.

Decanting square flower buckets of around 110 half paving blocks that I got from freecycle for holding down netting and planting membrane from the bed halfway up plot 1A to around the timber base of the greenhouse. I still have about another 40 blocks to move and they will go on the back face of the plot 1A greenhouse. This way the blocks are tidy and out of the way until I need them on a bed.

I love to see the bluebells making an appearance on the comfrey bed, looks like they are just going to beat the comfrey this year. I must weed that bed before the comfrey starts taking over.

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