Wednesday 7 April 2021

Free Stuff - Rubbish Bins


Late afternoon round trip to doctors then pick up a couple of plastic dust bins off Freecycle to store compost safely away from the foxes on the plot. Cut some blue water pipe to length and place in the bed to the left of the photo to take up a more flatter sided hoop shape in the sun. Older blue water pipe used to lift the debris netting off the second bed of white onion sets and back home for evening meal. 6C and a little chilly on the plot this afternoon but another short little and often visit.

Two slightly different 80L Black plastic dustbins picked up off Freecycle being used to protect bags of compost from the claws of the foxes on the site.

Photo from some time ago when I was trying to explain my vision for the unworked area of Plot 1

Photo of my vision becoming a reality for the bottom end of Plot !

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