Sunday 31 May 2020

Sunday Tidy Up

A Big Thank you to my Daughter Emma and her Husband Andy for once again visiting the allotment on a very hot and sunny day and for clearing the comfrey plot that had grown so tall it had fallen over and was covering the path. All chopped up and added to each of the Daleks. Emma had me on a video call so I could watch her work and answer her questions. Once it's safe we are going out for a slap up meal as a thank you for all their help. 

That looks so much better than it did 

Andy taking a sack of weeds to the car photo from plot 1A looking down to plot 1

Flower bed next to the temporary leaf cage cleared and covered 

From Plot 1 looking up Plot 1 

I have many squash sown in the Space Saver Greenhouse that will be going down to give some harvest this year. 

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