Thursday 14 May 2020

Getting A Little Vertical

Now on my third course of antibiotics and my blood sugars are being better controlled by a change in my diabetes medication and my foot has finally returned to a normal size. 

The lower leg however is red raw inside and out and hurts a lot when I stand and walk for any time. I'm spending so much time sitting with my leg up, trying to help the healing process, and the antibiotics make me drowsy and I'm sleeping on and off during the day.  

I have had to make some trips up the garden path the last few nights to cover my Boys (Tomatoes) up in the Space Saver Greenhouse to protect them from the overnight low temperatures and the risk of Frost. 

Fleece cut so that it drapes over the bamboo skewers in each of the vending machine cups 

2nd layer of trays removed to allow natural light to get at the tomatoes during the day and to allow for the fleece during the night during this cold spell this week

The BioGreen Firefly has made between 1.0 - 1.5C difference between the internal and external temperatures when looking at the 3 wi-fi thermometers I have on each shelf of the Space Saver Greenhouse and the outside temperature in the morning over the last few days.

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