Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Sowing & Potting On

I'm going living room crazy, whilst sitting on the settee with my leg up is helping me recover all be it very slowly from the cellulitis, I have to do something and today after some pain killers it was sowing six Cucumber Esmarald  and eight Waltham Butternut squash seeds. The Cucumbers will be grown here at home up the trellis fencing broken by the storms and the butternut squash will go down to the allotment via my Daughter & Son-In-law.   

The Bio Green Arctic 100 that I put up a few weeks ago moved (as all good blowaways do) despite two 10Litre Buckets of compost and a paving slab in the bottom and as I have no way of putting some ring bolts and strapping in place I decided to dismantle and pack up the Pop up Greenhouse. 

The Quadgrow was to be used this year in the Greenhouse on the allotment, I even had the self watering mechanism that attached to a water butt, and it was going to make looking after the tomatoes on the plot so easy. 

A full In depth unboxing & review will be forthcoming soon but for the moment I bought a couple of 25mm grummets for peanuts off ebay and have disconnected the two so that I can use them separately and move them if required as the patio door is going to be replaced in the next 4 - 6 weeks.  which is another reason I wanted the Bio Green Arctic 100 out of the way.    

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